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Welcoming the New Year

Lunar New Year is right around the corner. I am very grateful for the chance to welcome a new year, again. Quite frankly 2018 has been a little tough so far. Why? Well, I'm glad you asked. Sickness. It seems that I and many around me have been struck with lingering illnesses. The cold and flu season in the States has been vicious. Many of you know that I've been a casualty, laid low for several days by the dreaded flu. Cancelled lessons, delayed announcements, uncontrollable fits of coughing during class, you've experienced the flu by association. For this reason, I was more than happy to bid farewell to January and welcome February 2018 with open arms. Even more so, the new lunar year. I will use it as my official restart and move forward with optimism that the rest of the year holds health, prosperity and wonderful opportunities for us all.

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