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Is your English getting rusty? It happens to the best English students. Perhaps you have been studying the English language for years. You gained a certain level of fluency that you were very proud of. You could hold an engaging conversation with other English speakers, without too much stress. But then...You got a new job that didn't require the use of English. You moved back to your home country and stopped speaking English except on the rarest of occasions. You graduated college and lost touch with your English speaking friends. Any of the mentioned scenarios and a dozen more could have occurred and now you find your English slipping away. You now have to desperately hunt for the words that used to come so easily. Yes, due to lack of use your English has gotten rusty. But, don't worry, we're going to fix it! Try these simple tips to rebuild your English fluency!

1) Beef Up Your Vocabulary

It might seem ridiculously simple, but having a large vocabulary helps to maintain your English ability. A larger vocabulary gives you more options during conversations. You will struggle to communicate If you only have one word for a particular thing stored in you memory. Begin to rebuild your English fluency by increasing your vocabulary. Sign up for word of the day emails. Read English vocabulary building books. Use synonyms for English words that you commonly use. You will stimulate your memory and begin to reconnect to the English that you know as you learn new English vocabulary.

2) Turn Your Listening Ears On

Hearing the English language, repeatedly will help you to reengage with the English that you have "forgotten" and also stimulate fresh learning. Create your own English immersion program by listening to English speaking audiobooks constantly. Listen to them on the way to work or school. Listen to them while you workout at the gym. Listen to them while you're doing housework. You can listen to English audiobooks anytime that your mind doesn't have to be completely focused on another task. Pick topics of interest to you. Are you an engineer? Choose something in the engineering field. Love science fiction? There are numerous selections in the sci-fi genre. Select something that peaks your interest and start listening. The results will amaze you.

3) Put It In a Letter

You can strengthen your weakened English skills by unleashing your inner writer. Tell the truth. Do you have a story that you have been dying to write? Now is the perfect time to start writing. But, of course, do it in English. Yes, English. You can do it. Use what you know, and learn the rest as you go. The point is to start so that you can stimulate your unused English and bring it to the surface of your consciousness. Not excited about the idea of writing creatively? No worries! Instead write a daily journal in English about what happened during your day and your plans for the next. Either way start writing and start reviving your English.

4) Chat Me Up

My students have heard the following so many times that they might be a little sick of it. Forgive me, because here it comes again. Learning English is just like dancing. The only way to get better at it is to do it! So you've increased your vocabulary. You've listened to copious English audiobooks. You've written the next great novel...all in English. Now it's time to start talking. Yes, now! I know what you're thinking. "My English is rusty because I don't have anyone to speak English with!" I know, we talked about this earlier. But again, no worries! We've got you! Chat with us. You can chat with any of the teachers at Lion English Academy as often as you wish from daily to weekly to a few times a month. Just select the times that work best for you and start chatting. Even better sign up for a group lesson or group chat. This will give you the opportunity to speak to several other English language learners. You will build your speaking, listening, and comprehension skills. Group classes are fun and exciting opportunities to reignite your passion and proficiency in English. So don't wait. Register today and chat yourself to fluency.

English mastery is waiting for you. I believe in you. You can and will do it. Get started now.

Chat with you soon,


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*** Hey all, besides the links to our website and class registration, there are also other affiliate links included in this blog. If you purchase any items from those links Lion English Academy will earn a commission.***

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