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Quick Phrases

1. Would you please repeat that?

2. Would you speak a little more slowly, please?

3. Did you say ____?

4. How do you say ____ in English?

5. Excuse me, I thought you said ____.

6. I have a question. May I ask a question?

7. I don’t understand.

8. What does ____ mean?

9. Whose turn is it? 

10. I can’t hear you. Could you speak a little louder?

11. What page are we on?

12. Is it my turn?

10. What did you say?

11. What do you mean? 

12. Would you write that on the board, please?

13. Thank you for your help.


Verb Chart (irregular verbs)


1. bring                        brought       

     buy                          bought

     fight                         fought

     think                        thought

2.   catch                       caught

      teach                       taught

3.   build                         built

      send                         sent

     spend                       spent

4. dream                       dreamt 

       leave                         left


passed away- died


of a certain age-means that a person is older, not old or elderly, but not considered young


catchy- a tune, motto, or slogan that is likable and usually very easy to remember


beloved- highly loved, adored, valued


awestruck- amazed, filled with wonder


anatomy- the structure of the body or study of the body


voracious- unending hunger, the desire to devour

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