It's Fall Y'all!!

We are officially into the fall season, autumn if you prefer. You can probably faintly smell the pumpkin spice wafting through the air. Truth be told, this is perhaps my favorite season of the year. Why? Because, fall is marked by pumpkins, Halloween and festivals galore. It also marks the quick march toward a new year. With only three months left in the year you might be feeling stress to accomplish certain goals before the end of 2019. What goals have you set for yourself that you still need to meet? Are you satisfied with your progress thus far? If not, there is still time to achieve your objectives. Here are a few tips that you can use to stay motivated to achieve your English language learning or any other goals.

1) Calm Down!

Being stressed out is counterproductive to anything that you are trying to achieve. You cannot think clearly or effectively retain new information. To reduce any stress that you feel give yourself permission to relax, take your time, and progress at your own pace. Easier said than done, but there are methods that you can use to help de-stress. Try mindful breathing, positive affirmations, or yoga. Choose a method that works for you and allow the stress to melt away.

2) Make a list, check it twice.

You can't achieve your goals if you don't know what they are. So write a list of everything that you would like to achieve. Then read your list and organize it from most important to least important. If you really want to be the champion of all list making, then assign an "achieve by" date to each item on your list. Mark off items from your list as you achieve them. Having a tangible sense of what you want and need to do will increase your chances for success. Don't worry, this list and timeline can and

should be adjusted as needed.

3) Be Accountable

We are more likely to care about our progress when someone else is counting on our success. Many of us find it less difficult to let ourselves down, but let our friends or family down, never! So find a person that you trust and respect and share your goals and timeline with them. Have that person check in with you often to make sure that you are doing your all to accomplish your goals. For language learners this accountability partner could be your teacher.

4) Take Action

This is the most important step in attaining your goals. You must actually take the steps that will help you to complete them. If you need to study, then do so. If you need to write, then sit down and start writing. If your goal is fitness related, put on your workout gear and start sweating. Never underestimate the power of taking action. Moving toward your goal in some way, even small will help you build the momentum that you need to succeed.

No matter what your end of the year goals are please know that there is still time. You can do it. You are the most powerful asset in your success. If your goals involve learning the English language, then we would be honored to be your partners in achieving that success. We offer group and private English lessons, video lessons, and e-books to help you successfully master the English language. We even offer transformational English coaching programs that will guarantee your fluency upon completion. Partner with Lion English Academy and achieve any of your English language learning goals.

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Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for English learning tips, new vocabulary, and chances to win English learning aids.

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