Are you an apt pupil?

Learning English can be an exciting process, but not necessarily an easy one. There are some students that struggle to advance their fluency, while others steadily make progressive gains. This is normal. We all learn at our own unique pace. Nevertheless, there are some things that you can do to make yourself more apt for English learning success.

1. Practice Daily

At Lion English Academy we recognize that busy schedules can lessen our students' available time for practice. But truthfully, practice is very necessary to improve English fluency. Try to sneak English practice into a busy day by multitasking. Repeat English phrases in the shower, while traveling to work or while cooking dinner.

2. Speak Like a Lion

Talking to strangers might be outside of your comfort zone, but if you want to change then you must take drastic action. You're not just any English student. You're a Lion English Academy student. So, roar! Go to places where you know that you will encounter English speakers. Chat with them. Ask about the weather, vacation, talk sports. Pick a casual topic and give it a try. If you make mistakes, so what! It will only help you to get better.

3. Reading is Fundamental

Love to read? Great! Don't love to read? Read anyway! Every chance you get, try to read something in English. Books, magazines, comic books, it all counts! This will activate learning centers in your brain that help you to retain information. So grab a book and improve your English! Bonus practice join our book club and you can discuss the books that we read!

4. Apple For the Teacher

Practice on your own is great. YouTube learning is awesome. However, if you really want to advance in your English language journey, then you really need a great English teacher. A teacher can offer guidance and correction that you just cannot give yourself. Worried that you don't have time to devote to lessons? No worries, subscribe to our daily video lesson and review it at lunch or bedtime!

Learning English can be fun! It just takes practice, persistence, and the support of teacher that believes in you and offers you the guidance to succeed! Get started or continue your English learning journey today!

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