Out Like A Lion?

We have this saying in English about the month of March. We say, "It comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb." This speaks to the ferocious nature of the weather during the first weeks of March. Depending on where on the planet you live, March might open with freezing temperatures, snow storms, sleet or chilling rain...just plain vicious weather, not unlike an attacking lion. However, in the final weeks, spring awakens. The world thaws, the temperature rises, and sweet, bright happy plant life seems to virtually explode all over a previously barren winter landscape. Now we find ourselves in the final week of this dual natured month. So, how has March treated you? Think about this question on many different levels. Think about not only the weather, but also the energy of the month. Was it productive? Did you make progress towards your goals? If not, what held you back? What kept you from achieving at your highest level? Be honest.

Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemy. We self sabotage ourselves. We do this with indecision, procrastination, or self-doubt. This trinity of self-defeating practices can lock us into a state of inaction which blocks us from being our best selves. Today I'd like to offer a wake up call and a kick in the butt to help get you back on track or to reenergize your path to success. Here are a few tips that you can use to ignite your motivation.

1) Positive Self-talk

You create your reality with your thoughts. If you believe that you can do something, then you are right. Alternately, if you don't believe that you can do something, you are also right. So believe that you can do it! Fortify your beliefs with positive words, books, and videos. Speak positively about your plan and actions. Read books that will help you to see how capable you are. Watch videos that will empower you to excel.

Building and maintaining a positive attitude will strengthen your motivation to succeed.

2) Get Moving

Often a lack of mental action is paired with a lack of physical action. But, did you know that physical action can compel you into mental action? It's true. Devote a few minutes every day to real physical activity. Challenge yourself. Run as quickly as you can for as far as you can. When you tire walk until you have more energy and run again. Take a yoga class, dance class, or lift weights.

This physical movement will boost your creativity, will power, and confidence. You'll find yourself taking aggressive action towards your goals.

3) Forget Perfection

We live in an age where people are constantly seeking perfection. This quest for perfection often leads to inaction. We are so afraid of being imperfect that often we plan and critique ourselves to infinity. Today I want to empower you to stop this destructive behavior. There is no perfection. We all make mistakes. No matter how much we practice, train, or study mistakes will happen. That's okay. Accept that sometimes you will make mistakes, but take action anyway. Instead of seeking perfection, seek excellence. Do your very best. Use your current skills to the best of your abilities and always seek to improve. Doing so makes you excellent. Excellence is far better and more obtainable than perfection.

I challenge you to use the tips above and take control of your life. All of your goals are obtainable. No matter what they are. Want a new job? You can do it. Starting your dream business? Do it now. Whatever your dream, you can have it, if you take action. Be bold and fill this final week of the month with excellence so that your March goes out like a lion!

If your goal is to perfect your English you can do it!! Lion English Academy is here to guide you to success. We are motivated and will keep you motivated too. We know that you can succeed in English and will make sure that you do. Take action today and register for our eight week transformation package.

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