Happy Lunar New Year! Glory to the Pig!

We did it it! We made it successfully to another year. This year we celebrate the year of the Pig, the Earth Pig to be more precise. The Earth Pig brings tidings of camaraderie, abundance, and good health. In the English language there is an abundance of idioms that relate to pigs. Here are five of our favorite pig idioms that you can add to your conversations during this wonderfully porcine new year.

Sweating Like A Pig

This means that you are incredibly hot and sweaty.

Example: I have been sweating like a pig all summer long!

A Pigsty

We use this to describe any place that we think of as very messy or dirty.

Example: Jimmy's bedroom is such a pigsty!

Pig Out

This means to eat a large amount of food.

Example: I'm starving. Let's go to the buffet downtown and pig out!

In A Pig's Eye

This means something probably won't happen.

Example: Do you think our baseball team will win tonight? In a pigs eye, we always lose!


This means someone is very stubborn.

Example: Don't bother trying to change his mind. He's too pigheaded to listen.

If you want to learn more English idioms, then schedule a lesson with one our teachers today. Our Lion English Academy teachers will have you speaking English faster than a greased pig!

Happy Lunar New Year from Lion English Academy!!!

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