Three is a Magic Number...

"Somewhere in that ancient mystic trinity You get three as a magic number The past and the present and the future The faith and hope and charity The heart and the brain and the body Give you three as a magic number"- Bob Dorough

Bob Dorough passed away on on April 23rd, 2018. Many of you might not recognize the name, but if you're of a certain age then you've probably heard his music. Dorough was the creative musical genius behind what used to be the best part of an American child's Saturday morning, SchoolHouse Rock!

SchoolHouse Rock! was a series of inventive three minute songs designed to teach children about math, grammar, social studies, science and history. It was the catchy lyrics and jazzy tunes that made SchoolHouse Rock! such a success. Children happily sung along as the mini shows aired in between their beloved Saturday morning cartoons. Some of the most well-known SchoolHouse Rock! songs include: I Am A Bill, Conjunction Junction, and of course Three is a Magic Number.

As a very young girl with little to no knowledge of, well anything I was awestruck by Three is a Magic Number. It seemed to reveal the hidden magic of what I had previously thought of as a pretty bland number. Three seemed to be troublesome at best. It wasn't even. It was difficult for sharing. It just didn't fit into the pair- craving mind of a six year old. People had two of all the useful parts; two hands, two eyes, two feet. Three was bad anatomy. Three was difficult math, hard to learn, not fun. Three was an uninvited guest at my mental tea party. That was until I heard Bob Dorough's Three is a Magic Number. It taught me three very important things:

1) Try, Try, Try- We might feel tempted to avoid concepts that we find difficult. This can be true of learning anything, but especially when learning English (or any language). Keep trying. Success comes after the effort.

2) Three Ways to Learn- If we have trouble learning something in one way, then try another. We all have different ways of learning, the key is to discover which method of learning best suits you. Your English teacher can be a great guide to discovering which path to fluency is best for you.

3) Be Entertained- It's okay to enjoy the learning process. It's okay to use entertaining methods to acquire and retain the information. Conversations, books, music, news reviews, are all great resources for English language study. Embrace entertaining methods to enhance the process.

Thanks in part to Bob Dorough's SchoolHouse Rock! I became an engaged learner, a voracious seeker of knowledge, and a very effective English teacher. Visit me or any of the exceptional Lion English Academy teachers today. We'll happily share a bit of what Bob shared with us. Thank you Bob!

You can find the definitions of the orange vocabulary words on the Lion English Academy forum.

See you in class,


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