All The World's a Stage...

For me, there is just something about a stage. When I walk into a theater and gaze upon that elevated wood I feel a special kind of energy. Anything is possible on a stage. Wars can end. True love can be found. Equality can be gained. The light shines on all that is right and wrong with the world on a stage. Theater can be an agent of growth and change. It can also be a method for learning English!

We're a global community and "all the world's a stage", let's start performing. You're the stars! We're launching a brand new English learning course at Lion English Academy. This will be an eight week course in which we rehearse a play, analyze the characters, memorize the script, and most importantly perform the show. Yes, via the wonders of the internet we will put on a live performance of our collective masterpiece. Are you excited yet? I know I am.

So, how will this eclectic form of theater work? I'm so glad you asked. You'll meet with your director and fellow students two to three times a week. During this time you'll learn theater vocabulary, stage directions, how to break down a character, and perhaps most importantly your lines and how to give those lines with the grace of a seasoned actor. And of course we'll explore the English behind the lines. By the final performance you will have a firm understanding of the play and an even firmer understanding of English in general. For our final performance we'll invite our fellow Lion Academy students, teachers, and the global community to join us via live hangout.

And not to toot our own horns, but did you know that all of your current teachers have a performance background. Some are even award winners (No not the big award, smaller, but still impressive awards) :). So, for all of you aspiring performers, this is a class that you don't want to miss. Ready to break into the English theater or film market? Let us give you a hand. Nervous, but need a boost of confidence? Don't worry, we got you! (Bad English on purpose folks, calm down) :). We are going to craft you into marvelous performers and brilliant English speakers, AND have fun doing it! This class is limited to 6 students. Register now!

See you in class and on stage,


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