On Hualien...

Things have been shaky here at Lion English Academy, literally. Earthquakes began to intermittently strike Taiwan on February 4th. On last Tuesday I witnessed a student being shaken about right before my eyes. Thankfully, she is okay. Sadly the same can not be said for all of the residents of Hualien. 280 people were injured and 17 were killed as a result of the powerful Earthquake which struck on February 7th. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of the injured and deceased and to all of the citizens of Hualien.

A memorial service was held at noon today to honor the lives of the victims. The magistrate of Hualien spoke at the service. Many members of the police and military were there to pay their respects to the victims. Rescue volunteers and members of religious groups were also in attendance.

Although this unexpected tragedy struck Taiwan, we are reminded that we are all truly a part of a global community and this event affects us all. The list of victims also included citizens from China, the Philippines, and Canada. When faced with such loss we might feel helpless or ineffective. We must remember that the survivors still need us. They will rebuild and we can help. The city government of Hualien offers the following message in regards to aid,

"Donations for the Hualien earthquake relief can be made to the county government's earthquake relief fund, account number 06533981. The government asks that donors specify that the donation is being made for earthquake relief."

We know that the people of Hualien will recover from this tragedy, but it will take time. They will be continuously in our thoughts and prayer.

We are here for you,


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