5 Must Know Idioms!

Idioms. Love them or hate them, they are a very important part of the English language. Accurately using commonly spoken idioms is an essential part of English fluency. Here are 5 idioms to add to your English vocabulary.

1. ax to grind- this means to have a personal or selfish motive.

Example: Cindy ended her relationship with Tim against his wishes. Although Cindy was clearly the best candidate Tim actively campaigned for the opposition because he had an ax to grind after their breakup.

2. cut and dried- completely settled and decided

Example: The police officer said that the case was cut and dried.

3. backpedal- to reverse one's previous opinions

Example: Although the mayor claimed he would fight for the local environment he backpedaled once he was actually elected.

4. off the wall- eccentric or unconventional, bizarre

Example: The woman decided to end the date after her companion made some off the wall comments.

5. jump the gun- to act before the proper time, to make a decision without proper investigation

Example: The researcher jumped the gun by publishing his findings before repeating the experiment.

Start using these idioms today! Next time we'll discuss why we use these 5 idioms.

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See you soon,


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