Meet me in the Forum!!

Hello Lion English family,

I have great news! The Forum and Member's Zone are live. Why is this great news? I'm so glad you asked! Because these are the areas where you can get to know each other. Share your thoughts, opinions, experiences and your ENGLISH. Remember, learning a language is like dancing. You'll only get better if you practice. So let's practice often and together. In the forum, which is affectionately named The Lion's Den, you can discuss current news, interesting places that you visit, or your random musings. Please share! The Member's Zone is only for members of the Lion English Academy. So make sure that you have signed up for membership on the site. In the Member's Zone you can create your own page, gain followers, and make new friends. This is a great place to find a chat partner or to network, globally and locally. You can also use the Forum to coordinate times to take group lessons together. Learning is always better with a friend. At Lion English Academy we truly want to build a global community. You are a most treasured part of that community. So, welcome to the Forum and Member Zone!

I hope to hear from each of you very soon, and very often,


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