Happy New Year!!! I'm A Liar.

Hi Lion English family. Welcome to the new year. We made it! We're only four days in, but I hope that the new year is treating you well thus far. I am still in the process of making my new year's resolutions. I'll share them with you as soon as I sort them out. I have to admit that at least a few of them will be the old standards: get fit, eat better, save money. Also, and perhaps most importantly, I am going to be more honest. More honest with myself. More honest with my family. And yes, more honest with my students. Yes, students as of January 3rd, 2018, I'm a liar. I have been lying to you. About what? Well, I'm so glad you asked. At one point and time I have spoken with each and everyone of you about the weather. What's the weather like in your country, town, or city? Then inevitably, I share this fact about my city. "It doesn't snow here, ever. Except, maybe once every 20 years, for two minutes." Not three, but two. I'm always very specific about this point. You remember this conversation, don't you? Well, beloved students I am here to tell you that as of 11 AM on 1/3/18, I am a liar. It snowed here. Hard. Real snow. Snow from all your wildest snow filled fantasies. It was an unbelievable amount of snow, for my city anyway.

This unexpected snowstorm filled me with wonder and hope. If it can snow in the humid hostess city, then anything's possible. It bodes well for 2018. I hope that you achieve all of your resolutions for the new year. And if any of them relate to improving English, then Lion English Academy is absolutely here to help, honestly. See you, soon!

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