Talk Your Way to Success in Group English Classes.

You're studying English because you need to be successful. That probably describes ninety-eight percent of our English language students. The end goal that signifies success can vary. Perhaps you need to get a great score on your TOEFL. Maybe you're taking a trip to San Francisco and you want to be fluent enough to go caroling. Possibly you're expecting a visit from the foreign CEO of your company and you want to make a great first impression. Whatever the goal is, you've started taking English lessons to help you obtain it. Good for you! You're on your way to English fluency. You've got a great teacher and you study together with that teacher repeatedly. This one on one English practice is necessary and will gradually lead to mastery. However, have you ever considered taking a group lesson?

I know. This idea scares you. Either you've heard stories about the monotony of group lessons at those other English sites or you feel nervous about speaking English in front of others. Maybe you're just worried that you won't have enough individual care in a group class. Let me rid you of your fears. At Lion English Academy our Group Lessons are adaptable to the students participating. The

are experts at modifying the lessons to the needs of the class. Even in group classes, we are able to ensure that each student receives ample attention and speaking time. Best of all a group class gives English learners a chance to spontaneously interact with other English learners of varying abilities in a realistic way. The online classroom is a great environment to build your English confidence and group classes can build that confidence exponentially. Register for a group class today and get closer your goal for success.



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