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  • How do I see my schedule?
    Click on the member login icon in the upper right hand corner of the registration screen. Then sign in or sign up. You will be taken to your schedule where you can make changes as needed. *****New Clients should register on the New Registration Page***** All schedules will be visible on that page effective 10/17/2017********
  • How do I schedule lessons after purchasing a ten lesson package?
    Just email us at: We will personally insert your lessons into our schedule. You can have them all scheduled or contact us each time you are ready to schedule a lesson. We will take care of you! *****Packages purchased from the New Registration Page will be given a code for self scheduling their classes*****
  • How do I schedule a private lesson?
    Go to the registration page. Click on the type of lesson that you want and follow the prompts. The system will guide you to select the time and day for your class. It will also guide you through payment.
  • How do I reschedule a class?
    You can click on the login icon in the upper right hand corner of the registration page. Then you will have access to your scheduled lessons. Or you can send us a message through the chat button or at We will then make your requested changes for you.
  • How will I access my classroom?
    Your teacher will send you a link to your classroom prior to the start of your class. If you are taking a private lesson, then you will enter a Zoom classroom. If you are taking a group lesson then you will enter a Google Hangout room.
  • I want to take a class, but I don't see the times or days available that I want."
    Contact us at OR via the chat button. We will assign a teacher for the date and time that you want.
  • Can I pay for my classes if I don't have a Paypal account?
    Yes!! The Paypal button will allow you to make payment without being a Paypal member. You will just use a credit or debit card during your purchase.
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